Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Fix I Don't Want Fixed

I can't be sure of which gateway drug started it all (was it Seinfeld, or did this "dependence" originate much earlier with, say, Thundercats or those brief moments of Falcon Crest I'd catch before falling asleep?). 

Did The X-Files merely fan an already-established flame, or was it like that guy who fell over onto the detonator in The Bridge on the River Kwai? 

Whatever the case, I show no signs of improvement, and can't imagine a day when I'll even want to improve.  Don't talk to me about Intervention either; that's one I actually don't care for.  Still, I'm hooked, as they say, and there could always be another Lost just around the corner.  Even if there wasn't, though, I'd still have Law & Order streaming its bad self on Netflix, and BSG and MST3K and Sherlock, which I haven't seen much of yet, but...  Anyway, the high is too good, man.  And 'winter is coming,' right?  It's always coming.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm addicted to books, too, by the way, so get down off your high horse and let's watch Downton Abbey.  Finedon't, then.  More tea for me.

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