Monday, January 2, 2012

Buddy (the Dog) and Morgan (the Cat) Discuss Politics

BUDDY:  I think I saw them.
MORGAN:  I see them too: An orange-ish dog and cat, right?
BUDDY:  Let's be really still for a second so they think we don't want in.
MORGAN:  I dunno; I should probably go whine somewhere or something.
BUDDY:  We totally don't even care, guys!  It's great out here!  A little cold never hurt anybody!
MORGAN:  Whoa, what was all that?
BUDDY:  Acting.
MORGAN:  Wow....  I mean, I believed you.  I actually thought you wanted to be out here.
BUDDY:  Thanks.  But stay in character, okay?
MORGAN:  What?  Ooh, I think I just saw something.
BUDDY:  I think they want us to think we saw something.
MORGAN:  What?
BUDDY:  I was only kidding, guys.  It's cold.  And I drink water out of a bowl.  The hay I sleep on smells like a dog.
MORGAN:  You're good at acting.
BUDDY:  I'm not acting now -- I honestly wanna be in there.  
MORGAN:  Man, you are really good at acting.
BUDDY:  Seriously, guys, it's not funny anymore.  I'm beginning to think that my life won't really begin until I'm in there with you, where the treats live.  It's all I think about, and it's not healthy.  I'd eat some grass if there was any left.  I coughed a while ago, you know.  I think being out here gives me malaria.
MORGAN:  You're using a very lot of words.  Is this politics?
BUDDY:  No.  I don't even have a podium.
MORGAN:  I'm starting to get a cramp everywhere.
BUDDY:  Oh, go ahead and move then.  They're not listening, anyway.
MORGAN:  Will we remember this forever?
BUDDY:  Remember what?  Hey! -- my toy over there in the yard...

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