Friday, December 2, 2011

Antje Traue, from the Sci-Fi/Horror Flick, Pandorum

I'm not here to review the film; plenty of smarter people have already done that.  I'm just here to talk about Antje's character, Nadia, the baddest bad-ass in Pandorum.  The film could have tried to develop her more (and everybody else) while giving us less uninspired-mutant footage, but what we do get of Nadia is pretty cool for what it is.  She's a scientist who can't remember her brother's name; she needs to find some shoes, and a comb; she's pretty good with a blade, and would rather not chit-chat when she's trying to survive; and, last but not least, she has a superpower: She gets hotter the dirtier she gets.  At one point she's totally covered with stuff (what you'd have, perhaps, if you made a stew out of old coffee, blood, ground-up raw pheasant, and the ooze inside of a grasshopper's mouth).  Her eyes glow out of that filth, though, and you think, There's just no way she's dying, even if the screenwriter wants her to.  

The reason I mention all of this now is because Antje Traue is playing Faora in the new Superman film, Man of Steel.  I'm both excited and worried about many aspects of the production, but not about Faora. With Antje playing her, I feel pretty safe saying she'll definitely give Supe a run for his money, and make me love to hate her, or hate to love her, or just plain love her (as a "friend," of course). 

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