Saturday, April 20, 2013

On the New "Man of Steel" Trailer

First of all, new Man of Steel trailer, thank you for making me even more excited about the film than I was when the first teaser came out.  Although some of your V.O. stuff sounds too melodramatic, and I don't love your music like I loved "Freedom Fighters" in that 3rd Star Trek trailer, you've given me the idea that the movie is probably going to be both an inventive, worthwhile reboot and an epic SFX extravaganza with a giant, pondering heart.  (It might even make me forget Superman Returns!)  

Perhaps most noteworthy of all, new Man of Steel trailer, you showed a more "human" Kal-El by letting him have a beard and a hairy chest, which seems kind of monumental in this over-waxed day and age.  Yes, he has a beard and a hairy chest in the movie, but you, new Man of Steel trailer, could've just left that out, fearing what some hairophobes would think.  But you didn't.  You didn't, by god.  And that's just swell.  I mean, he's SuperMAN not Superlady, right?  Right.  

I don't even need to know how he's gonna shave his face.  Seriously, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that he's a man; and if he is indeed a "super" man, then he can probably figure out some goddamn secret way to shave.  And you know what? -- he probably doesn't need to explain it to anybody.    

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